The World Indigenous Fashion Week® (WIFW®) is strategically positioned as a Signature Fashion Week, held annually in Seychelles integrating Ethnic & Indigenous Fashion Designers from 7 Continents worldwide.

As some of the most amazing and talented Fashion Designers converge in Seychelles, presence of Editors, Buyers, Retailers, Stylists, national and international Broadcasters, Press, Publications & Media, Beauty Queens, Models & Celebrities (we will try to secure a few) and Photographers whom attend these exclusive Shows, would want to catch a glimpse of your Brand/Product. ​

Alternatively, the option penetrating into various markets globally remains a business possibility and prospect, as such please contact us for more information ... ​

Thank you.

Distribution of Rights

Intellectual Proprietory (IP) Rights for the World Indigenous Fashion Week® (WIFW®) can be shared and distributed to selective Partners & Stakeholders wishing to possess Exclusive Rights controlling specific WIFW® content/s.

Distribution of such WIFW® Rights are offered through Request for Proposals (RFP's) and please contact arwin@worldindigenousfashionweek.com for more information pertaining to IP Rights. ​

Thank you